Juliet Stewart

Juliet Stewart has been recommending MEG 21 for her clients for over four years, and we thought we would share some of her accomplishments with you!

Juliet brings to her work an Italian sensibility. She is a native of Italy who came to the United States as a young woman. Her creations for each individual woman are timeless and unforgettable.

With over 20 years in the industry, Juliet has practiced make-up artistry at its highest levels. Juliet's experience includes a position with Lancôme Cosmetics, where she was responsible for sales, training, and special events in 26 department stores. As the national make-up artist for Prescriptives Cosmetics (Estee Lauder Co.), Juliet worked throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia during a 10-year period, including four years as the national make-up artist exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue. Although she resigned from Prescriptives Cosmetics in 1999, Juliet was asked by the president to return. She became the senior make-up artist for the company, with her own private make-up studio in the New York office. Her task was to create a high-profile clientele. Juliet was so effective and respected that she was featured by Prescriptives in a national TV commercial.

If you would like to meet Juliet in person and learn more about her personalized services, then stop by her Nyack, NY make-up studio and boutique and get ready to look and feel amazing.

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