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MEG 21’s patented Supplamine® delivers long-lasting, measurable results.  Clinical trials have shown the efficacy of MEG 21’s unique formulations in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and increasing overall skin health.  

Real Science

During the course of groundbreaking medical research at one of the world’s leading research centers, our scientists uncovered the presence of an enzyme called F3K, which furthers the production of toxic sugars in the skin. That process, which causes serious inflammation, is known as glycation.

Not limited to disease, glycation is a chronic problem that occurs in everyone’s body, exacerbated by toxic sugars from our diets. It is known to be a major factor in the premature aging of our skin, as the collagen that maintains moisture, elasticity and health suffers the destructive effects of inflammation, glycation and oxidative stress.

An example of how toxic sugar causes glycation. Glycation is the cross-linking of skin and the loss of moisture.

MEG 21 is one of the few products that delivers what it claims and has the research available to stand behind them.

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