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What do you see as the two or three biggest challenges to beautiful skin?

The biggest skin related challenge that many of our clients face is damage to their skin, caused by years of sun exposure and/or other environmentally caused factors. Many feel the effects in premature aging and hyperpigmentation, but some have the added negatives of skin sensitivity and/or rosacea.

The second biggest skin challenge facing many women are internal system imbalances that also cause skin irregularities. These problems include visible skin imperfections, premature aging and/or hyperpigmentation.

What’s the one action women can take to reduce acne?

They must Improve their internal health. Because the skin is the largest organ of the body, it secretes and excretes toxins like a filter. So, it’s extremely important to recognize that a proper skincare regimen, utilizing externally applied professional skincare products may not be enough to improve many skin conditions.

Many acne issues are caused internally and they can be linked to the gut/intestinal tract. Therefore, a healthy and clean body on the inside will help reduce acne related outbreaks. Some skincare manufacturers and wellness companies distribute products that improve digestive health. These products, along with healthy, natural eating can have a big impact on overall skin health.

Cleaning your skin, without stripping essential oils, is also important when it comes to acne control. Acne sufferers should only use professional products that clean skin safely, while providing essential moisture.

What’s the biggest mistake women make in caring for their skin?

 For most, it’s an improper skin regimen and/or a lack of protective care over their lifespan. Many use inappropriate/unsuitable skincare products that are not properly fitted to their skin type and/or condition. The cause of this problem is usually a lack of skin condition and product education. Usually, people seek the cheapest route of care and/or if they get advice, its sometimes inaccurate or meant to promote a sale. Highly promoted, over the counter products that are usually filled with ineffective, synthetic ingredients also provide false hope and/or they lead to added damage.

For some, with a lifetime of poor advice, product related damage and age related wrinkles, its sometimes too late to really improve their conditions, but for many, if they get the right help early enough, steady use and application of professional skincare regimens can have a huge impact.

Protection, protection, protection….most people don’t use adequate skin protection. Using an excellent sunscreen with a UVA/UVB SPF of 30 or more is essential to long term skincare. The earlier it is started, the better! Additionally, over exfoliation of the skin and not drinking enough water can be other important factors related to long term skin damage.

What can we do to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of sugar on skin?

Try to avoid the consumption of refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup and other sugar related carbs, as much as possible. Read food product labels to avoid these skin and body damaging ingredients. Apply professional, topical skin care treatments that are designed to fight against the glycation process. Regular use will preserve the the skin’s integrity and in the long term, it will prevent or improve the aging process.

Now that the summer season is near, what should women add to their skin-care routine?

Everyone should add/apply a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen, over a 30 SPF. Effective sunscreens should be worn at all times and they should be applied with greater frequency in the summer months. Also, application of an antioxidant booster is an excellent, added way to enhance skin protection and to avoid the damage caused by environmental toxins during the summer months.

What do you do to maintain healthy, beautiful skin?

I listen to what my skin is telling me though texture/feel and sight, then I make regular changes to improve it. These changes usually include adding or changing skincare products in my daily regimen.

A healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance for beautiful skin. So, eating right, drinking right, regular sleep and regular exercise is essential to maintain great skin over a lifetime. With a combination of appropriate, results driven, professional skincare products, incorporating balance, protection and correction applications, great skin can be had by all.