One of the most effective methods to help fight premature skin is to use potent, antioxidant-rich, skincare products.  Antioxidants can delay or even help prevent damage, oxidative stress, and oxidation in your skin.  Oxidation in your skin is much like rust on a car. It causes skin aging and the loss of the vibrant glow of youthful skin.

Antioxidants can be either naturally occurring, or man-made and help to prevent oxidation by bonding to free radicals that are caused by environmental pollution, smoking, poor diet and sun exposure.

Oxidation in the skin :

  • Breaks down collagen fibers causing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Depletes skin’s volume causing crepiness and sagging.

  • Produces dark spots on the skin, creating uneven tone. 

There are some very potent antioxidants that work to reduce oxidative stress on the skin and in turn can help to stop, and in some cases, reverse pre-mature aging. 

  • Supplamine®

    • A patented ingredient in, and discovered by MEG 21 Skincare.  It is composed of Meglumine, an amino sugar, and Arginine, a natural amino acid,  that works to lower the production of Toxic Sugars in the skin.  Toxic sugars  cause inflammation, glycation, and increased oxidative stress in skin

  • Gooseberry

    • Indian Gooseberry or Amla as its called in Hindi.  This potent antioxidant, super fruit is known for being very high in Vitamin C.  It is also used for anti-aging in Ayurvdea to help boost the immune system and slow the aging process. 

  • Grape Seed

    • The ground up seeds of red wine grapes is a power anti-inflammatory and has been in use in Europe for thousands of years.  Also a very rich source of antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Resveratrol — a powerful polyphenol–and OPC flavonoids.  Grape seed is currently being studied for its wound healing properties.

  • Glucosyl Hesperidan

    • This dynamic, powerful collection of flavonoid compounds has many wonderful anti-aging effects on the skin.  More than just an antioxidant, it’s a collagen-building substance that also scavenges free radicals and is UV absorbing. 

  • Vitamin E

    • Vitamin E is vital to healthy, younger-looking skin.  It is naturally occurring in vegetable oils and green leafy vegetables such as kale.  It helps the skin to remain hydrated and has a potent ability to neutralize free radicals. 

Apply skin-care products with natural ingredients, such as grapeseed extract and Indian gooseberry, which inhibit, respectively, 96% and 98% of FN3K enzyme activity, and each ingredient inactivates the diet-derived toxic sugar by 94% at 0.5 percent concentration.

Individually these antioxidants can have tremendous impact on facial skin.  The overwhelming impact of Supplamine® alone will reverse skin aging.  When all 5 of these are combined in one product, the effects on the facial skin are exponential.   Oxidation will be combated and the premature signs of aging [fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, sagging and dark spots] will all diminish.