Shhh, it’s the dirty little secret that few people admit too – not washing their face before: “hitting the hay.”

It’s been a topic of converstation for many years.  Estheticians have been talking about it.  Newspapers have written stories on the topic.  Countless beauty bloggers have blogged about how important it is to wash your face before retiring, yet there are  those who admit they just don’t have  time to take this vital anti-aging step before drifting off to sleep.

 Truth is, your face is continuously bombarded all day long with dirt, debris, pollutants, oil, and sweat.  And your hands touch surfaces that are covered in bacteria.  Touch your face and those bacteria now live on your facial skin. If you wear make up and don’t remove it at night for a month or so, you can age your skin by as much as ten years, according to some studies.

 Your skin works to correct and repair at night while you’re sleeping.  This time of rejuvenation is vital.  Whatever your skincare goals, washing your face at night can help you reach your goals.  Using the correct cleanser to wash your face is essential.

What To Look For In A Cleanser

•  After cleansing, all skin types are freed from oil, dirt and debris to create an ideal environment for skin rejuvenation.  Cleansing will help prevent breakouts. Using a cleanser with surfactants (foaming agents) such as Soap Bark Extract will deeply clean and help acne-prone skin fight breakouts.

•  Facial moisturizer applied in the morning will have evaporated throughout the day.  Providing vital moisture that has been lost throughout the day by washing with a cleanser that is rich in moisturizing ingredients such as Glycerin and Soapwart will help all skin types, especially dry skin.

•  Everyone needs a boost of antioxidants just before bed time to give the skin the ammunition that it needs to help fight the hands of time while repairing itself.  A cleanser rich in Supplamine©, Bilberry Leaf Extract and Orange Leaf Extract provides defense against Glycation (aging in the skin caused by Toxic Sugars) and free radical damage.

•  Give new cells a fighting chance.  Look for mild resurfacing components like Sugar Cane and Sugar Maple extract for pore minimizing and assisting new cells to surface.

 The MEG 21 Moisturizing Cleanser is ideal for night-time cleansing for all skin types, especially for those with dry skin or who are focused on anti-aging.  The rich combination of moisturizers, antioxidants will provide the essentials to help your skin repair, rejuvenate and refresh while you sleep.