“All is flux, nothing stays still.” 


 Wondering why we’re quoting Plato in relationship to falling out of love with the products used in your homecare routine?  It’s quite simple:  “All is flux….”  Think about it.

 Your skin is your body’s largest organ.

Your body is one large, on-going chemical reaction that is forever changing.  There are so many factors that impact this ongoing reaction in your body:

  • Seasons

  • Hormone Levels

  • Nutrition

  • Medication

  • Environmental

Changes in any one of the above areas can cause a change in your skin and your skincare needs.  If you have simultaneous changes in several of these areas, you may better reexamine your entire skincare routine.  Taking stock of your overall health, well being, and environment will help you to reorient your skincare regimen.

Nutrition is one key factor that directly effects skin health and beauty—and, surprisingly, it’s one that often gets overlooked by skincare professionals. Consumers are eating more refined sugars than ever before; this impacts skin health and beauty.

Ask your self, “Do my skincare products prevent and inactivate the formation of glycated sugar caused by both poor diet and the metabolic process?”  Further, “Do they intercept glycation, relieve inflammation and contain antioxidants?”  If your answers to these questions are, “No,”  this may be why you don’t love your skincare anymore.  A product line rich in Supplamine® will prevent and inactivate glycation and relieve inflammation.

Is your skin being impacted by a diet that is low in antioxidant-rich foods and high alcohol consumption?  Is it over exposed to UVA and UVB rays?  And what about additional environmental pollution?  If “yes,” then your skin is under attack and sagging, fine lines and wrinkles are likely to appear, if they have not already done so.

If your skincare products don’t firm and smooth skin on your face, as well as on other challenging areas, such as the neck, upper arms and hands then by all means finalize the divorce.  It’s time to look for skincare products that are rich in potent antioxidants like Gooseberry extract, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Grape Seed. These ingredients will give your skin the ammunition it needs to fight the free radicals being introduced through poor diet and over exposure to environmental factors.

 As seasons and hormone levels change, your skin’s moisture requirements change.  You may need to adjust your skincare products to include moisturizing agents that are sophisticated enough to work trans dermally without clogging or just laying on the skin.  High-quality ingredients with very small molecular structures such as:  coconut oil, coco seed butter and jojoba oil can be absorbed quickly and easily into the skin, without clogging pores or remaining on the skin’s surface.

 Finally, the best gift you can give yourself when selecting for a new skincare line to use—look for proof.  Are there any independent clinical tests?  Can you see if the products have been tested to back up the manufacturer’s claims?  Clinical test, with before-and-after photos will give you the proof you need to be sure that the products are worth your investment.