The “B” word:  Surely, you know what it is.  It stands for Botox  [botulinum toxin], one of the skin-care industry’s most popular treatments, used by men and women for over a decade.  But even after becoming an industry staple, Botox remains misunderstood by many.

1.  How is a Botox treatment priced?

 Determining the cost of a Botox treatment is unique to each patient.   Botox is almost always priced by the unit.  It can range from $8 to $15 dollars per unit, depending on many factors.   Physicians provide Botox treatments to specific areas, each of which requires a specific number of units to achieve a desired result.  Consulting with your doctor and discussing your desired results and the areas of treatment will help you to determine the cost of your Botox treatment.

2.  What does a Botox treatment really do?

 The first point to clarify is that a Botox treatment will not fill in any fine lines or wrinkles and it will not add volume or plump up facial skin.  A Botox treatment will relax facial muscles, so they are less reactive.  Because the muscles are less reactive, the facial skin moves less, so fine lines in the treated areas appears diminished.   A great example:  Repeatedly folding a sheet of paper — the more times it’s folded the deeper and more severe the crease in the paper becomes.  If you stop folding the paper and gently massage it, you can nearly remove the crease in the paper.

3.  How long will it take for a Botox treatment to be effective?

 The results of a Botox treatment are not instant.  So it’s best to plan your treatment in advance of any special events to insure that you experience the full effects.  The Botox treatment will take effect gradually.   As  the treated area’s muscles begin to relax you will notice the process happening slowly.  You should experience the full effects in 12 to 14 days from your treatment.

4.  How long will a Botox treatment last?

While the results vary, many patients find that the effects of a Botox treatment can last up to 12 weeks.

5.  What does it feel like to receive a Botox treatment?

When patients begin to process the concept of what a Botox treatment entails, they become anxious.  Getting through the initial treatment with the encouragement of a good friend or family member is a great way to cope with the anxiety.  When asked about their experience, many patients have indicated that the treatment didn’t come close to the level of discomfort they had imagined. In fact, many found there to be virtually none at all, dismissing it as negligible.

Our veterans had one final piece of advice to offer to our Botox newbies –“Protect your investment!”  Keeping skin nourished, hydrated, and protected is crucial to fighting premature aging.  They suggested using a high-quality skincare product that is a blend of both scientific and natural ingredients to maintain healthy skin.  Consider products that contain scientifically advanced ingredients, such as Supplamine®, a patented ingredient to combat and reverse the effects of Toxic Sugars in your diet.   Products containing natural ingredients such as Gooseberry extract, which is known as a powerful antioxidant, will help skin fight off free radical damage that leads to signs of premature aging.