It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie—light pulses helping you to look younger.  But it’s true.  There have been incredible scientific advancements in technology and research proving that light therapy works for achieving younger looking skin.

Pulse light treatments have been around for years and have successfully treated acne, rosacea, freckles and age spots; they’ve also been used for facial rejuvenation.

 Here’s how light therapy is defined:  Infrared and visible light penetrating through the skin (epidermis and dermis) that stimulates changes at the molecular level causing visible changes in the skin.  However, there is a unique type of therapy that has been showing impressive results.  Broadband Light (BBL) is light therapy that delivers bursts of light.  Broad Band Light [BBL], when it’s treating the skin will lessen redness and fade away pigmented age spots.

There has been some ground breaking clinical studies at a major university, the results of which are stunning!  BBL literally changes the genetic expression of older skin cells to mirror the gene expression of younger skin cells.  The cells are reinvigorated and over time the skin looks much younger.  There are visible improvements in skin firmness, elasticity and pigmentation; with regular BBL treatments the skin is clear, smooth and more youthful.

 This was the first study that actually shows that you can take living cells and be able to alter the gene expression and make them act like younger cells.

A highly regarded physician’s opinion is that BBL is the best non-invasive treatment that someone can do for his or her skin to slow down skin aging.

Feedback from patients is that they prefer BBL, because they get a better result, the treatments are easier for them to have done, and finally the treatments are faster and quicker.

Treatments are simple; they take about 15 minutes for the face, and there is no down time. The optimal number of treatments is three to four per year.

 When patients combine the impact of BBL, which slows down skin aging, with the  proven benefits of Supplamine®, which inhibits and reverse the aging effects of glycation on the facial skin, they can effortlessly achieve their skincare goals.

 The MEG 21 with Supplamine line is scientifically proven and physician recommended to reverse the skin-aging process.