Many women notice it while applying eye shadow. Some can feel it when applying their daily moisturizer. Others notice the telltale parenthesis around their mouths. What are they noticing? They’re observing physical signs of skin laxity – collagen is breaking down in their skin. It’s the result of sun damage, free radical damage, smoking, environmental damage, pre-mature aging, poor diet – the list could go on and on.

You can take steps to stave off this pre-mature skin aging. 25 years ago the only options for skin sagging was a face-lift, which is expensive, invasive, and painful. However, with advances in technology the skincare industry now has many amazing treatment options for loose and/or sagging skin. One of the most popular is radio frequency (RF) skin tightening.

RF uses radio frequency energy to gently heat up the skin and stimulate collagen production on the tissue below the dermis (top layer of skin). The technique stimulates tissue remodeling and helps to encourage the growth of new collagen and elastin.

It is the remodeling and growth of new collagen and elastin that makes Radio Frequency RF treatments so ideal for anti-aging skincare treatments. After a series of treatments, the facial skin in the treated areas appears more firm and tight.

5 Things To Know About Radio Frequency Facial Treatments

  • Safe & Effective
  • Non-Invasive
  • Virtually Pain-Free
  • Fast (30 – 45 Minutes)
  • No down-time

Ideally, maintaining a daily skincare routine with scientific, doctor-recommended skincare products is the perfect adjunct to Radio Frequency treatments. Look for products that have independent clinical trials to demonstrate scientifically their effectiveness in reducing oxidation in the skin. Oxidation in the skin:

  • Breaks down collagen fibers causing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Depletes skin’s volume causing crepiness and sagging.
  • Produces dark spots on the skin, creating uneven tone.

Products with ingredients that help reduce oxidation, such as those found in the MEG 21 with Supplamine suite of products will inhibit and reverse the negative effects of glycation on the skin.  Supplamine works to lower the production of Toxic Sugars, which cause inflammation, glycation, and increased oxidative stress in skin.

If you’d like to see which MEG 21 with Supplamine skincare products are right for you, look for an Authorized Partner near you.