Fall is in the air and so is the ubiquitous aroma of pumpkin spiced latte. As you’re wearing your favorite fall sweater, enjoying the sensation of the cool, crisp fall breeze, and possibly sipping a pumpkin spiced latte, take a moment to think about how the change is season is affecting your skin.

Two Ways Fall Air Damages Your Skin

Fall Air Is Dry. With less moisture in the air, your skin’s hydration levels decrease causing it to function sub-optimally. Hydrated skin is more plump, which helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Fall Air is Colder. Colder air causes the facial skin to lose volume as the blood leaves the surface of the skin for the warmer interior temperatures of your body. This loss of volume depletes the delivery of vitamins, nutrients and oxygen to the surface cells of skin, contributing to skin dysfunction.

During this time of the year it’s vital to give your skin everything that it needs to function at optimal levels.


Two Ways To Fight Back Against Cooler Fall Air

Nourish. Be sure to use a high quality moisturizer that will not only provide moisture, but will also help to trap that very moisture in your skin. You need a product that has humectants to attract moisture, emollients to bond the moisture to your skin and finally–and a key ingredient in winter–is an occlusive to trap the moisture in your skin, and prevent it from being stolen away by dry fall air.

Protect.  As your skin fights for every drop of moisture it can get during the cooler fall temperatures, it’s so important to give your skin all the ammunition it needs to fight back against free radical attacks, which occur when skin becomes moisture and oxygen depleted. Be sure to give your skin Supplamine® to help it fight glycation and oxidation. Also, use a potent antioxidant product-containing Gooseberry extract, which will help provide the protection you need.

To learn which products can help you nourish and protect your skin this Fall, take our MEG 21 with Supplamine® Skin IQ Test.