It’s probably been a while since you’ve donned a Halloween costume and headed to your neighbors’ houses in hot pursuit of sweet, trick-or-treat bounty. But make no mistake, candy will be everywhere. You’ll undoubtedly have a large bowl of Halloween deliciousness at the ready for the assorted fairies, ghosts, skeletons and ninjas that will come a-knockin.’ Then there’s the haul of goodies your children will bring home and the candy your colleagues will take to the office, hoping to share the guilt and pass on calories to you.

With all of the temptation surrounding you, we suggest you keep in mind a few details about the candy that is calling you:

5 Popular Halloween Candy Sugar Content



Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

11g of sugar / 3 sugar cubes

Snickers Fun Size (2 bars)

17g of sugar / 4 ¼ sugar cubes

Nestles Crunch Fun Size

7g of sugar / 1 ¾  sugar cubes

Almond Joy Fun Size

8g of sugar / 2 sugar cubes

Skittles Fun Size

11.4g of sugar / 4 ¾ sugar cubes

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