It’s December and sweet treats are about as common as holly and mistletoe. Family and friends express love and show appreciation during the holidays, tempting your indulgence by offering all the holiday goodies with a sinful, encouraging nudge, “Oh go ahead, have a treat. It’s the holidays.” How can you resist? It’s common to give in to temptation and then wipe away the guilt by committing to change “sometime” in the new year.

Those who are a tad more proactive might add a few extra steps on their daily exercise walk to burn off the guilty calories.   A very popular tool that many use to track calories and exercise is a smart phone app called My Fitness Pal. It allows you to enter your daily food intake, then calculate the total calories to help you track your daily totals. It is pre-loaded with popular foods to make the app more user friendly.

At the risk of being the Grinch that stole the holidays, we decided to ask My Fitness Pal about the sugar content in 5 very popular holiday treats. Here are the results:


5 Famous Holiday Treats – The Sugar Countdown

Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark:   17g of sugar in 1 oz. serving.

Harry & David Chocolate Peppermint Cookie:  10 g of sugar in 1 cookie.

Whole Foods Market Dark Chocolate English Toffee:  8 g of sugar in 3 pieces

Nestle Tollhouse Original Chocolate Chip Cookie:  6g of sugar in 1 cookie

Patti Labelle Sweet Potato Pie:  50g of sugar in 0.2 of a pie


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