The holidays are here once again, and we’re all managing long shopping lists, party invitations, decorating, gift-wrapping, and cooking. With all the hubbub, there’s barely time to breathe–and take care of you and your health and skin care needs.

We’ve compiled a list, a kind of Survival Guide For Your Skin. It provides a few quick and easy suggestions that will help you keep your skin in top-notch form during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

5 Skincare Tips For The Holiday Season

Drink More Water
This isn’t a new concept or a groundbreaking theory; it’s just a reminder. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it functions optimally when it’s properly hydrated.

Late Night Parties? – Remove make up before bed
You’re dog tired. You can’t wait to climb into bed after a late-nite holiday party or event. You just want to shut the lights and take care of “whatever” tomorrow. Don’t give into temptation! Never, ever go to bed with makeup on. Nothing good comes from it. Commit to taking a few extra moments to care for your skin before bed. The MEG 21 with Supplamine [Barry, insert the “r” over the “e”.] Moisturizing Cleanser and Moisturizing Toner is an ideal combination to use before bed.

#SkipASugar – At holiday parties, look for sugar alternatives.
When you arrive at your holiday party, survey the food scene. Look for healthy, low-sugar items that you can add as an alternative to the sinful sugar treats. Rather than hovering over the sugar all night long, try alternating between sweet treats and one of the healthier options. This way, you can #skipasugar and save your skin from Toxic Sugars. Our patented ingredient Supplamine will help to prevent and reverse any damage to your skin from Toxic Sugars.

Book a skincare treatment
As you head into the hectic holiday season it’s a great idea to book a skincare treatment with a licensed skincare professional. Nothing will help you prepare for the festive season of photos with friends and family than a skincare treatment that will keep your skin at its optimal health. Our list of Authorized Clinical Partners is a great resource to locate a skincare professional.

Target You Eyes
The eyes are the windows to the soul. They’re also the first part of your face to tell the world that you may be a little more tired and stressed than you’re letting on. Adding a doctor-recommended eye cream that is clinically proven to reduce inflammation, as well as hydrate the delicate tissue around the eye is crucial for this time of year. MEG 21 Eye Treatment is an ideal treatment to help your eyes keep your stressful holiday secrets.

With this Survival Guide firmly in hand, you can keep your skin healthier and looking more rested and refreshed as you enjoy your holiday season. If you’d like to learn more about how MEG 21 with Supplamine can help your skin, take our Skin IQ Test.