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I’m definitely the kind of person that is constantly tweaking their skincare routine. I have pretty good skin – not very acne-prone, not too sensitive to too many things – but I’m always trying to change things here or there in my skincare routine to see if I can make my skin even better. This month, I was lucky enough to try some skincare products from Meg 21 that have honestly changed the way I take care of my skin for the better. I’ve been using these products for the last month and really feel like I’ve formulated some really solid thoughts on these items.
To be specific, the items I’ve been testing out have been the Moisturizing Cleanser ($36), the Moisturizing Toner ($36), the Anti-Oxidant Boost ($95), the Smooth Radiance Face Treatment ($110), and the Bright and Firm Eye Treatment ($75,).

The very first thing I noticed and fell in love with on these products is the packaging. The design and packaging of these products is so thoughtful and well-planned. The cleanser has a pump, the toner has a click-open controllable cap, and the Anti-Oxidant Boost has a pump that twists out of its holder, which means you can twist it shut for easy travel. The pump on the cleanser allows you to control the amount of product you get, meaning you’re not going to waste as much product, and the same can be said for the cap on the toner. I didn’t even realize how much great packaging enhanced the use of certain products until I played with these. Read Full Review On…