“You are what you eat.” We’ve all heard it before. But have you heard the quote from the father of medicine, Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Put differently, food impacts your body and overall health. When food becomes “face entertainment” rather than medicine for your body, you’re headed for trouble. And, since skin is the body’s largest organ, nutrition can have a significant impact on facial skin.

Beautiful skin in your ‘20s is almost a given. Not so as you age. Through the ‘30s and beyond, fighting off premature aging and the appearance of fine-lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone takes a concerted effort. It’s all the more reason to give your skin what it needs to function properly.

We asked 5 skincare pros for a nutritional secret they personally use to help achieve and maintain beautiful skin. Here’s what they had to say. It’s great advice if you’re looking to #SkipAsugar this January and be on your way to beautiful skin.

5 Nutrition Secrets From Skincare Professionals

  1. Starve sugar
    “I avoid too much sugar! Glycated sugars turn into toxic sugars causing glycation and inflammation, leading to pre-mature skin aging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” Jenni
  1. Maintain a health nutritional balance
    “I eat healthy fats, avocado, nuts, oils, leafy greens. They keep my system lubricated. Just a little, not a lot. For example, kale salad with avocado, a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of nuts or seeds.” Okema
  1. Make a healthy cocktail your “one for the road”
    “My favorite and most unique secret is a shot of tomato paste and apple cider vinegar. The lycopene in the paste boosts UV protection and the ACV detoxes the digestive tract, which is a huge link to skin disorders. Mixed together, they just taste like applesauce.” Melissa 
  1. Don’t forget fish oil
    “I love the healthy oils in fish. There are tons of good things in fish oil.” Ari
  1. Say hello to antioxidants and goodbye to carbs
    “I eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods and take omega 3’s as well as maintain a balanced diet. I stay away from too many carbs, processed sugars, alcohol and especially dairy.” Jessica

These secrets help skincare professionals to keep their skin healthy and young looking. But ask any skin care pro and she or he will tell you that you also need to apply daily a high-quality, clinically-proven skincare line . It’s why many dermatologists and plastic surgeons use MEG 21 with Supplamine® in their practice and recommend it to their patients. These doctors know that Supplamine, our patented ingredient, prevents and reverses the damage caused to skin by toxic sugars. If you’d like to learn more about MEG 21 with Supplamine and how it can work for your skin, take our Skin IQ Quiz here.  Use MEG 21 with Supplamine and #SkipAsugar for great skin!