DSC_8055Ah… the New Year is no longer “new”. The holidays are but a memory, the decorations are away, and we’re left just with the commitments we made to our New Year’s resolutions. According to health.com, the most popular resolution is to lose weight, which typically translates into eating healthier foods.   MEG 21’s goal for 2016 is to encourage everyone to #SkipAsugar on their way to healthier skin.

When the diet conscious head to the grocery store to fill the cupboards with New Year’s resolution in mind, the choices tend to veer towards low calorie, high fiber foods. Many opt for chicken or turkey over beef or pork. Natural, fresh turkey breast can often be brought to life with the addition of honey, maple syrup and various dynamic flavorings. These additions add minimal calories and can help to delight the taste buds. Caution: They can age your skin at the same time.

When sugar of any type is combined with meat in the cooking process, toxic sugars are created. They can age skin, causing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Here are three examples of products that have sugar combined with meat during the cooking process.

3 Lunch Meats With Added Sugar

  1. Oscar Mayer Honey Smoked Turkey 1g sugar in 56g
  2. Applegate Farms Honey and Maple Turkey Breast 1g sugar in 2 oz
  3. NATURAL CHOICE® Turkey Breast, Honey Mesquite. 2g sugar in 56g

When shopping for lunch meats, read the food label and seek products that have no added sugar, this will help you to #SkipAsugar and eat foods that won’t cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to proper diet, another way to ensure you are reducing the appearance of fine liens and wrinkles for beautiful, younger looking skin is to use a skincare product line that is rich in Supplamine®, a patented ingredient that fights and reverses the effects of toxic sugars in the skin. MEG 21 with Supplamine is a complete line of skincare that will nourish, hydrate protect and repair skin. If you’d like to know more about how MEG 21 with Supplamine can improve your skin take our Skin IQ Quiz.