It’s the holiday of candy and flowers. The chocolate truffles, pink candies and red sugar hearts will be everywhere in early February. While these sweet treats bring with them notes of love and affection, they also bring added sugar. Too much toxic sugar in your skin will cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce its radiant glow and cause uneven skin tone. Don’t let Cupid’s arrow ruin your skin!

Pile of Valentines Day candies with BE MINE message

5 Valentine’s Day Treats Sugar Content

  • Sweet Hearts – 44g Sugar in 1 Box
  • Ghirardelli Valentine’s Impression Hearts  – 7g sugar 1 Square
  • Dove Promises Milk Chocolate Hearts – 23g in 6 Hearts
  • Godiva Cherry Cordials – 27g in 3 Pieces
  • Lindt Lindor – Milk Chocolate Hearts – 27g in 3 Pieces

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