Ask any skincare or medical professional, “What is the number one thing a person can ingest to help hydrate winter skin for a gorgeous healthy glow?” Nine out of 10 will answer, “Drink more water!” Increased water intake will give your body’s largest organ, the skin, the ability to function optimally. But, optimal function is only the beginning of a journey to great skin.We nourish and fortify the body daily with an array of different food and beverages. Our fast-paced society has been consuming a large amount of processed foods over the past few decades – foods that bring with them all sorts of additives that are not optimal for the health and vitality of the skin. The average American consumes fast food 159 times a year, taking in 190,000 calories in the process. And the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports widespread pesticide contamination of popular fruit and vegetables—a.k.a., “the dirty dozen.”

However, more and more consumers are concerned with maintaining healthier eating habits. Men and women are committing to “eating clean”, choosing less processed, and whole-foods. There is also a mega-shift towards organic products.

Healthy eating habits are popular with many alternative holistic approaches on how to nourish and fortify the body. We decided to ask a few respected practitioners for practical tips to help hydrate skin, and give it that gorgeous glow.

Here’s what they had to say:


“I drink coconut water regularly to help with staying hydrated.”
Vishnu – Ayurveda Practitioner


“Ginseng for plumped up cheeks… There are many tonics, herbs and herbal formulas that can bring the healthy glow to our face depleted by the grey wintery weather. But there is one herb [ginseng] that is regarded as the king.”
Viktor, Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner


“Nuts and oils are generally what I try to ingest, based on my constitution in Thai Folk Medicine to help hydrate my very dry winter skin.”
Travis, Thai Folk Medicine Practitioner


“ A big gorgeous salad! Your favorite greens topped with cucumbers, strawberries, winter squash, papaya, carrots, radishes, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, and grapefruit! Topped with a smooth and creamy coconut milk yogurt dressing.”
Midge, Vegan Chef


All very interesting suggestions to help hydrate and nourish the skin for the inside out! But they’re only part of the overall daily routine.   Use of high-quality skincare products on a daily basis is vital to fighting pre-mature skin aging. Many doctors recommend MEG 21 with Supplamine Face Treatment for use daily because it offers the 3 key functions of any daily use face moisturizer.

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