2.26.16 New Eye Treatment Study PhotosDid you know that eye treatment products rank as the most popular products in any skincare line? Recall the first time you looked into a mirror and saw the early sign of crow’s feet around your eyes. “Uh-oh, they’ve arrived,” you probably lamented. And then the dark circles under your eyes appear. These trophies of sleepless nights are even less forgiving. Little wonder that eye treatment products are off-the-charts in popularity.

While just about every major skincare line features eye treatment products, few have these three factors to back claims: rigorous science, clinical data and industry recognition.

In terms of scientific rigor, the science behind MEG 21 Bright and Firm Eye Treatment with Supplamine® is impeccable. It is the only eye product on the global skincare market to contain Supplamine, our patented ingredient that was born of scientific research at a major medical center in Philadelphia. Supplamine prevents and reverses skin damage caused by toxic sugars.

And for clinical data? A just completed, “Four Week Ophthalmologic Safety-in-Use and Consumer Perception Study” of MEG 21with Supplamine Eye Treatment, speaks for itself. The independent study of 35 mature women, ages 42 to 70, concluded that MEG 21 Eye Treatment with Supplamine is safe for contact lens wearers and suitable for sensitive eyes.

In fact, nearly 100% of the participants in the study gave super favorable responses about MEG 21 Eye Treatment’s performance.

Here’s what the 35 women reported about MEG 21 with Supplamine Eye Treatment, after four weeks of application:

% Of Consumers  – Product Performance Reporting  

  • Less visible wrinkles/fine lines around eyes 97% 97%
  • No irritation 100% 100%
  • Made their skin feel firmer 100% 100%
  • Better than previously used eye products 100% 100%
  • Increase moisture of skin around eyes 100% 100%

And regarding industry recognition: MEG 21 with Supplamine Eye Treatment has won a 2016 award from Les Nouvelle Esthetiques, a major skincare trade journal.

True, there is no time machine to transport you back to the day before that first sign of crow’s feet appeared. But with MEG 21 Bright and Firm Eye Treatment with Supplamine, you can look ahead with confidence to a product with scientific rigor, clinical tests, and industry recognition–and to bright eyes. The skin around your eyes will feel and look firmer, be more moisturized and have less wrinkles and fine lines. If you’d like to learn more about MEG 21 with Supplamine Eye Treatment, take our Skin IQ Quiz.