There’s a famous book that helps people unlock their potential and reach greatness by analyzing and explaining the habits of very successful people. The author believes that one effective way to succeed is to emulate the behaviors of people who have found success. Turns out, imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery. It also is a pathway to self-improvement.

Imitation surely applies to everyone concerned about healthy and beautiful skin. Study those with beautiful skin and you’ll discover a consistent pattern of daily behaviors that helps them achieve “that certain look.”

Here is what we found when we asked women what they did on a daily basis to achieve truly beautiful, radiant skin. 

1.  Hydrate

Bright and luminescent skin is within everyone’s grasp: Just drink a lot of water’ It’s a great way to ensure that your skin is operating at optimal levels. Also, give your skin the benefits of the 3 key functions of a doctor recommended daily use moisturizer.

2.  Protect

Use antioxidants to help your skin protect itself from free radical damage. A daily dose of potent antioxidants, such as Supplamine®, Gooseberry Extract and Grape Seed will give your skin the ability to protect itself against glycation and oxidation.

3.  Rest

Flawless skin is just 8 hours away. Get a good amount of sleep. Sleep is your skin’s opportunity to rebuild and repair itself.

4.  Shield

Firm and even skin tone is your reward for applying sunscreen daily. UVA and UVB rays damage skin by breaking down collagen fibers. Wear a sunscreen daily to help shield your skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

5.  Nourish

Clean and clear skin on the outside depends on what you’re doing to the “inside.” Get into the habit of enjoying fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and foods high in enzymes to help the skin repair itself. Limit glycated sugar intake to prevent skin aging from glycation and oxidation. 

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