1. Proactively help your skin defend against the nasty effects of UV rays.

A little too much fun in the sun can lead to red, tight and sensitized skin.  It’s not a pretty sight, but remember, these effects are the skin’s natural defense to overexposure to UV rays.  If these defenses are overwhelmed, redness occurs.  It’s the body’s natural response to something “bad,” like over exposure to sun. Blood then rushed to the sun-exposed skin, making it appear red and feel warm. The blood carries what is needed to fight the UV damage by stimulating inflammation, which leads to pain and increased warmth. Once the redness has dissipated (if there is no blistering), the result is an adjustment in pigment, or a suntan.  Useful ingredients to speed the recovery process include Supplamine®, aloe, licorice and ginger.

2. Use an eye cream with Titanium Dioxide.

Those sunglasses might make you look oh so sexy, but they’re not a sufficient skin age-proofer for the super-sensitive skin around your eyes. Titanium Dioxide is a popular ingredient in physical sunscreen that works to deflect the rays from reaching the deeper layers of your skin and block against UVA and UVB rays.  Because it is a physical defense ingredient– it works by sitting on top of the skin– it tends to be much less irritating than the other options available in chemical sunscreens, which need to be absorbed to become effective.  To tame those potential damaging sun rays, apply an eye cream that contains Titanium Dioxide to simplify your routine.

3. Amp up your antioxidants.

Applying ingredients such as grape seed and gooseberry extract are step one in defending your skin against harmful pollutants, UV rays, and other external factors that are just waiting to age your skin.  And once the fun-in-sun is done, reapplying antioxidants will begin the healing and repair process.  Specific ingredients to look for are Vitamin E and Supplamine; both are terrific skin healers and work to reduce inflammation.

4. Put an old favorite to a new use.

Don’t be locked into the notion that Toner is just a twice-a-day, AM/PM part of your routine.  Use it throughout the day as a pick me up to add bounce back to your skin.  Keep it in your cooler to use as an all over body refresher.  The lightweight scent is sure to revive even the most overworked–and over-sunned–skin.


5. Don’t overlook the obvious.

We’re talking here about such high prone-to-burn areas as the tips of your ears and tops of your hands.  The skin in these areas is thinner, more delicate than most other areas. Yet, they are easily neglected by all the sunscreen slathering to protect our backs and faces! And don’t forget to repair any damage you may have incurred by applying a rich, reparative hand treatment every night.


6. Watch those pina coladas and ice cream cones.

While these treats are a fun, tasty way to cool off, the excess sugar accelerates the aging process through the glycation process. Excess sugar molecules bond with collagen and elastin, causing skin to become dry and brittle.  This, in combination with the inflammation and oxidative stress from the sun, is a recipe for disaster.  Might we suggest sparkling water infused with fruit and mint?  Or frozen ice pops made with watermelon and banana?

Go easy on the sweet glazes topping your favorite meat.

Summertime screams backyard barbeques. Glycated protein—saucy BBQ chicken and ribs, for example–is yet another sinister way sugar accelerates the aging process through glycation.  Apply a product containing Supplamine to help prevent and repair the damaging effects of glycation process. Moderation, if not abstinence, is key!

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