“Woah, all I want is on the road again.” Willie Nelson sang the praises of being on the road, but he forgot to tell us that a car trip could have damaging effects on skin, especially for drivers. Turns out that the UVA blockage in the front windshield of an automobile is 96 percent, compared to only 71 percent for the driver’s side window, according to recent article in the respected Journal of American Medical Association Ophthalmology. The author of the article suggests that this finding might explain the greater rates of left-sided cataracts and facial skin cancers.

Fear not road warriors. It’s possible to take sensible precautions before hitting the road to both protect your skin and beautify it. Pay special attention to the left side of your face—and lather up!


  • Apply an extra layer of antioxidant protection before driving off. Look for ingredients such as Supplamine®, Gooseberry Extract and Grape Seed to enhance the power of your SPF.
  • Apply the proper sunscreen to your face, neck, and arms. And don’t forget your hands! Since you cannot take your hands off the wheel, they will endure a significant amount of exposure.
  • Pay attention to the area around your eyes. Chances are, you’re squinting during a long road trip, putting extra strain on this super-delicate area. Be sure you apply products that include Suma Root, which will de-puff, Shea Butter, which will moisturize, and Titanium Dioxide, which will protect your skin.


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