Valentine’s day is fast on us.  As if you didn’t know.  Walk into almost any pharmacy or supermarket these days and you’ll likely run into the familiar and ubiquitous heart shaped candy boxes decked out in faux satin ribbons, fancy lace and bows. It’s easy to become cynical.  But don’t.  “We must love one another or die,” wrote the poet WH Auden.  Love is that important!

Love is expressed in many ways, from intimate moments with your significant other to a parent’s hug of a child to performing works of mercy and acts of kindness.  But there is one common element to love, however it is expressed:  Love is other-directed.   Love transports you out of yourself.  It moves you from “me” to “thee,” from separation to relationship.  It’s what makes love uniquely powerful and wonderful.

Poets write and musicians have long sung about “the glory of love.”  Even scientists have added their voices.  Scientists conducted an ongoing study of 268 Harvard sophomores beginning in 1938 during the great depression, looking for clues to leading healthy and happy lives.  The study found that “our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships have a powerful influence on our health.”

Loving, happy relationships influence our health, which is reason enough to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.   There is also a love-happiness-beauty connection, with one writer on the subject offering 9 reasons “Why Being in Love Makes You Gorgeous (and Healthy, Too).”

Love might not remove those fine lines and wrinkles.  It takes MEG 21 with Supplamine to do that!  Even so, love and happiness can impart that youthful glow, as scientists from the University of Missouri found after studying the connection between perception of age and emotional expressions.    Faces showing expressions of happiness were perceived to be younger than those with a frown.

This Valentine’s day, let’s commit to extending love beyond a one-day event and the pro-forma boxes of chocolate and bouquets.   Make love a 365-day reality punctuated with action that proclaims, “I truly love you” to all those who come our way.

MEG 21 with Supplamine, discovered with science, bound by love for the faces we serve.


Dr. Annette Tobia

Founder and CEO,  Dynamis Skin Science