Sloan Kettering Research Proves MEG 21 Anti-Aging Target Also Causes Cancer

Dear MEG 21 with Supplamine® User,

New research by Sloan Kettering Institute in NYC, the world’s leading cancer research center, found that inhibiting the enzymatic FN3K pathway prevents solid cancer growth.

The FN3K enzyme was originally discovered at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Inhibiting this enzyme is the basis of MEG 21’s Supplamine. 

A press release issued by Sloan Kettering Memorial press release cites Dr. Hans-Guido, stating that the “FN3K is the only enzyme in the human genome that can remove sugars from proteins. Without it, Dr. Wendel says, cancer cells can no longer grow, making FN3K an attractive potential drug target.

“Linking the FN3K enzyme to cancer is a breakthrough discovery, one of special significance to MEG 21 with Supplamine users,” said Dr. Annette Tobia, founder of Dynamis Skin Science, which markets MEG 21 with Supplamine.  

MEG 21 products contain Supplamine, designed by Dr. Tobia to inhibit the FN3K enzyme, which also leads to sugar- accelerated aging. Sloan Kettering’s research adds an important new cancer dimension to the FN3K enzyme.  

When enhanced by potent natural ingredients, MEG 21 with Supplamine products inhibit the FN3K enzyme as well as inhibit glycation and inflammation, key factors leading to premature skin aging and wrinkling.

The MEG 21 with Supplamine line of skin-care products is truly unique because it is the only product line that specifically targets sugar-induced inflammation and skin aging. It is backed by rigorous, world-class science, is clinically proven to enhance skin health and beauty, and is confirmed by countless doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other skin care professionals, and users.

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Dr. Annette Tobia, PhD
Founder and CEO
Dynamis Skin Science

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