Age-Defying Skincare Essentials to Help Boost Confidence

Consuming toxic sugars can cause collagen damage and inflammation—two major factors in skin aging. When conducting intensive medical research, our MEG 21 scientists discovered Supplamine®, a ground-breaking skincare essential that reduces the signs of aging.

What is MEG 21’s Patented Supplamine?

Supplamine prevents skin damage and aging due to its ability to stop collagen damage, inflammation, and oxidative stress, while boosting collagen production, targeting toxic sugars in the skin, evening skin tone, and reversing the appearance of aging.

Unlike other skincare brands, MEG 21 products contain our patented Supplamine. This clinically proven ingredient has unique toxic sugar-blocking technology that reverses the appearance of aging skin within 28 days.

3 MEG 21 Age-Defying Skincare Essentials

While all our products contain our patented Supplamine, here are three of our favorite products aimed primarily at reversing fine lines and wrinkles.

Smooth Radiance Face Treatment

Our Smooth Radiance Face Treatment is recommended as a best-in-class face treatment by dermatologists and skincare professionals. This science-based anti-aging face treatment reverses the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing the skin. In 28 days or less, you can expect a brighter, smoother, more toned, and radiant face.

Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula

Our Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula diminishes the signs of aging skin for all ages. With just one pump from our dosed, airless jar twice a day, you’ll help repair, firm, lift, and tone crepey, sagging, and wrinkled skin. This formula works best on the face, neck, throat, jowls, and wrinkled lips.

Age-Defying Hand Treatment

For youthful and nourished hands, try our Age-Defying Hand Treatment. This product is perfect for people suffering from skin damage from hand sanitizers, hand wipes, and over washing. In only two weeks, you can expect increased hydration and moisturization, decreased redness, evened age spots, and reduced wrinkles.

Choose MEG 21 As Your Skincare Brand of Choice

As a women-founded and led business, MEG 21 is the optimal brand of choice for women looking to prevent, delay, and stop the appearance of skin aging. Visit our website to shop our variety of products with Supplamine®.