Different Types of Face Wrinkles & How to Avoid Them

As we age, our skin begins to wrinkle. This is a natural process, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let it happen. At MEG 21, we offer several different products to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles to keep your skin looking young and radiant!

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of wrinkles and how to avoid them with our clinically proven products.

Frown Lines

Do you have lines between your eyebrows that make you look angry or upset? These are known as frown lines, and they can signify aging. Frown lines are wrinkles that form in the skin due to repeated expressions, such as squinting or frowning.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are another common sign of aging. They are wrinkles that extend out horizontally from the outer corners of the eyes and can make you look tired or angry, even when you’re not.

Horizontal Forehead Creases

Horizontal forehead creases are caused by muscle activity. When you smile, frown, or raise your eyebrows, the muscles in your forehead contract and cause these wrinkles to form. As we age, these wrinkles remain, even without muscle movement.

MEG 21 Products That Reverse Fine Lines & Wrinkles

While all our products are clinically proven to reverse skin aging, here are two of our most popular!

Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula

Our Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula repairs, firms, lifts, and tones crepey, sagging, and wrinkled mature skin. Apply on the face, neck, throat, jowls, and wrinkled lips to experience even-toned skin while gently lightening freckles and age spots over time.

Smooth Radiance Face Treatment

Our Smooth Radiance Face Treatment is formulated with our patented Supplamine®, a unique, powerful anti-skin aging technology that reverses the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing the skin.

Choose MEG 21 as Your Skincare Brand of Choice

In addition to all the wonderful products mentioned above, we offer several other skincare products with our patented Supplamine®. To view all our anti-aging products, visit our online shop today!