The MEG 21 Difference

MEG 21 is a professional skincare company that was formed in 2005 to develop age-renewing, skin-beautifying products. All MEG 21 products are based on breakthrough discoveries made at a major medical center in Philadelphia, where scientists were searching for ways to fight the dangerous complications of diabetes, an accelerated-aging disease.

Key Ingredient: Supplamine®

Supplamine®, MEG 21’s patented discovery, was born of this scientific insight and tested in a wide array of doctor-run clinical trials, including double-blind and placebo-controlled testing. The results have been overwhelmingly positive and consistent: Supplamine reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dryness and brightens skin.

For the first 15 years after its founding, MEG 21 sold exclusively to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other skincare professionals. Aware of MEG’s healing and age-reversing properties, they recommended it to treat unsightly and bothersome skin conditions, such as rosacea and post-surgical inflammation, and to reverse the appearance of dry, wrinkled, and sagging skin.

Because it is effective on all skin types, doctors throughout the US and other countries, including China, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and New Zealand, continue to recommend MEG 21 products to their patients.

In 2019, due to increased demand from patients who wished to purchase MEG 21 products without a doctor’s recommendation, we began selling directly to consumers, on our own website and a number of other online stores.

MEG 21 was founded and continues to be led by Dr. Annette Tobia, who holds a Ph.D. in cell biology from New York University and conducted post-doctoral research at Rockefeller University in New York City. She is a widely published scientist, whose research findings have appeared in peer-reviewed medical journals and in health and beauty industry publications. Since the age of 14, Dr. Tobia has had a passion for making breakthrough discoveries to better the human condition. As the inventor of Supplamine and founder of MEG 21, Dr. Tobia has realized her life-long goal of bringing health and beauty, along with a sense of well-being, to women and men around the globe.

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