A Serendipity of Science Creates A Major Breakthrough in Beauty

Our Labs

In our own labs and in the groundbreaking work we’ve done at one of the world’s leading cancer research centers, we’ve created some breakthrough discoveries that have far reaching benefits for health and wellness.

Fighting Glycation

Glycation is not limited to disease, it is a chronic problem that occurs in everyone’s body. And it can be a major factor in the premature aging of our skin. Our patented discovery, Supplamine, was born of this insight.

Clinical Trials

In over seven independent clinical trials, including Double Blind and Placebo Controlled Testing, the results have been overwhelmingly positive and consistent. Stressed and aging skin seems younger; lines and wrinkles are softened or seem to disappear; texture, elasticity and clarity are noticeably improved.


Our patented Supplamine blocks the formation of toxic sugar in skin and inhibits the effects of aging by reversing inflammation, glycation, and oxidative stress.

Moving Forward

As we continue our serious work in fighting disease and the ravages of illness, I know we’ll have other insights that may have benefits beyond the areas we set out to study. That’s just one of the marvelous gifts wrapped up in the serendipity of Science.

In the example of Supplamine, it’s not that our focus changed from Science to Beauty, but in this case, science happens to be beautiful.

– Dr. Annette Tobia

Annette Tobia, Ph.D., J.D.

CEO of Dynamis Skin Science

Founder and CEO of Dynamis Skin Science and co-inventor of the technology behind MEG 21 and the development of Supplamine, Dr. Annette Tobia has over 30 years experience in launching and developing new life science companies.

Previously, Dr. Tobia held the positions of Senior Vice President, General Counsel and founder of British Technology Group, USA, and managing director of its parent company, BTG plc., one of the world’s leading technology transfer and licensing companies. Her work, as Counsel to the President of the Bristol Myers Institute for Medical Research, structured strategic alliances with biotech companies and academic institutions throughout the world.

Dr. Tobia holds degrees from Hunter College, New York University and Rockefeller University, where her post doctoral work was funded by a grant from the American Cancer Society. Her Ph.D. is in cellular biology, and she is an expert in intellectual property for the biotech industry.

Today, Dr. Tobia works with her company, Dynamis Therapeutics, Inc; splitting her time between Dynamis Skin Science, DTI, and Dynamis Pharmaceuticals, as she balances the demands of science, beauty and medical discovery.