During the course of groundbreaking scientific research at Fox Chase Cancer Center, the Dynamis scientists further discovered the presence of an enzyme called F3K in the body, which in turn, causes the production of 3DG and other toxic sugars in skin.

How can the effects of toxic sugars on skin be reversed? That was the question to which the Dynamis scientists turned their expertise.

Dynamis scientists discovered that two compounds, meglumine and arginine, worked to lower the production of 3DG (Toxic Sugar) that comes from both the F3K enzyme and the digestive process. Both compounds make up Supplamine®, the age-reversing ingredient found exclusively in MEG 21 products.

The illustration below overviews the process:

Supplamine Discovery

For the past seven years, Dynamis has brought its discovery from the research laboratory to your skin with MEG 21 — a unique skin treatment that delivers Supplamine® deep into skin. The result: smoother, softer, younger-looking skin!