Toxic Sugar & Skin Aging

MEG 21 with Supplamine®: The Anti-aging Solution

MEG 21 with Supplamine®: Scientific Breakthrough

Scientists at Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, discovered that toxic sugars form in skin with severe consequences: Supplamine®, MEG 21's patented formula, is designed to combat toxic sugars in skin, remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and glycation in 28 days or less!

Accelerated Aging: What It Is and How to Stop It?

Toxic sugars directly cause INFLMMATION, OXIDATIVE STRESS, and GLYCATION, which in turn cause major threats to skin - accelerated aging, wrinkles, dryness, and pigmentation.

Accelerated aging is not merely related to chronological aging. It is also related to the rapid, premature aging of skin and other organs caused by metabolic problems. Metabolic problems such as poor sugar control, along with lack of exercise and chronic disease, lead to the formation of toxic sugars. The result: INFLAMMATION, OXIDATIVE STRESS, and GLYCATION.

MEG 21 with Supplamine® attacks each of these conditions resulting in major skin improvement.