Brightening Gel Cleanser



Powerful triple-action formula is the essential first step for removing age-causing toxic sugars from skin and brightening a dull complexion, evening out skin tone, and purifying skin. This radiance-boosting gel cleanser gently removes dead skin and lifts away dirt, makeup, and excess oil without irritation, leaving skin clean, refreshed, and smooth. Effective for all skin types. Clinically tested non-irritating formula.



Contains patented Supplamine to remove toxic sugars from skin and lighten skin pigmentation; Mulberry extract to brighten and inhibit melanin production; Bearberry extract to lighten and brighten skin; Licorice extract to diminish dark spots and discoloration; Grapeseed extract, an antioxidant, to reduce free-radical damage; Green tea extract to protect skin from free-radical damage; Vitamin B5 to bind moisture to skin; and Glycerin to soften and smooth skin.



Dispense a small amount and mix with tepid water. Gently massage in a circular motion on damp skin until a lather has formed. The combination of water and gel cleanser captures oil, make-up, and toxic sugars. Rinse with tepid water. Apply regularly in morning and evening. Follow with MEG 21 Toner+ to prep skin for ideal results. Avoid contact with eyes. Note: To avoid product loss, be sure cap “clicks” closed.


Brightening Exfoliating Scrub



Gently exfoliates and polishes away dead skin cells to reveal skin’s natural glow. Helps remove harmful effects of toxic sugars on skin, while softening, smoothing, and visibly brightening skin for noticeable improvement in skin radiance and luminosity.



Contains patented Supplamine to inactivate and remove toxic sugars from skin and lighten skin pigmentation; Ultra-fine grape seed powder to slough off the top layer of skin and is an effective anti-oxidant; Bilberry extract to diminish dark spots and discoloration; Grapefruit Peel, a mild astringent, to minimize the appearance of large pores; and Citric Acid, a natural exfoliant, to brighten skin.



Apply a small amount to a damp face. Gently massage into skin for a full minute. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Follow with MEG 21 with Supplamine Toner+. Follow with MEG 21 Face Treatment or Advanced Formula, which also brightens with Supplamine. Avoid contact with eyes. Recommended for use two to three times per week. Note: For best results, please shake tube before use.

Supplamine® inhibits the formation of melanin pigment in two ways:

Melanin pigment in skin is formed from a sequence of biochemical steps starting from the amino acid tyrosine. The enzyme tyrosinase performs the first 3 steps in the pathway, and a chemical oxidation reaction completes the process. In the laboratories at Dynamis Skin Science, Supplamine was tested in biochemical laboratory experiments that mimic the steps of how melanin is made in skin.  The results show:

Supplamine inhibits tyrosinase, the enzyme required for melanin formation
% Tyrosinase Activity
  • No Inhibitor 100% 100%
  • 100mM Supplamine 22% 22%
Supplamine inhibits the oxidation reaction that results in melanin formation
% Melanin Formation
  • No Supplamine 100% 100%
  • 50mM Supplamine 27% 27%
  • 100mM Supplamine 18% 18%
  • 250mM Supplamine 13% 13%
  • 500mM Supplamine 9% 9%
  • 1000mM Supplamine 3% 3%

The Power of Science. The Power of Supplamine.

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