Clinical Proof That Supplamine® Works


Nine doctor-run clinical trials have demonstrated the benefits of Supplamine®. Shown below are the dramatic results that have been documented in some of these studies.


Four-Week Study of Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula

The before-and-after photos below of upper arms show how MEG 21’s Advanced Formula with Supplamine can improve the appearance of skin that has been damaged by sugars and exposure to the sun. After four weeks of applying our Advanced Formula, the skin is smoother, with less redness.

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Four-Week Study of Smooth Radiance Face Treatment, Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula, and Anti-Oxidant Boost

Three studies were conducted by a board-certified dermatologist. At the beginning of the study, measurements were taken of the firmness, moisture, and degree of wrinkling of three groups of 25 subjects each. Each group was asked to use one of MEG 21 with Supplamine’s products: Smooth Radiance Face Treatment, Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula, or Anti-Oxidant Boost—for four weeks. Measurements were taken by scientific devices and an expert grader.

After four weeks, the same measurements were taken, using the same instruments and expert grader. In each of the three groups, firmness and moisture increased, and wrinkling decreased.

Skin Firmness Chart
skin moisture chart

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Eight-Week, Full-Face Study of Smooth Radiance Face Treatment

Twenty-five volunteers participated in an eight-week study of the power of MEG’s Smooth Radiance Face Treatment with Supplamine. The study was conducted by an independent dermatologist. At the beginning of the study, specialized measurement devices and an expert grader measured the subjects’ skin firmness, moisture, and smoothness. After two. four, six, and eight weeks of applying MEG 21 Face Treatment, the same devices and expert grader were used to measure the percentage of improvement in each of these three indicators. In all subjects, each time measurements were taken, skin moisture and firmness had increased, and skin had become smoother, as seen in the graph below.

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Study of Redness Relief

Even irritated skin benefits from the addition of a cream with Supplamine. In this study, an independent dermatologist applied a detergent to the inner arm of volunteers to induce an irritated red spot. He then treated the spot with either MEG’s Redness Relief, with Supplamine, or just a base cream, without Supplamine. The difference in redness was statistically significant in the Supplamine-treated spots, as seen in the photo below.

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Studies of Bright & Firm Eye Treatment

Four-Week Ophthalmologic Safety-in-Use Consolidated with Volunteer-Perception Study

Safety-in-Use Study:

Objective: This study was designed to evaluate both the in-use safety and efficacy and volunteers’ perception of the results of Bright & Firm Eye Treatment with Supplamine after four weeks of use. 

Study Design: Thirty-five female subjects used the eye treatment twice daily for four weeks. 71% of the subjects were contact-lens wearers, and 51% reported self-perceived sensitive eyes. Pre- and post-test eye examinations were performed by a board-certified ophthalmologist.

Results: Eye Treatment was found to be safe for use in the eye area; the claims “Ophthalmologist-Tested,” “Safe for Contact-Lens Wearers,” and “Suitable for Sensitive Eyes” were also validated. 

Volunteers’ Perceptions After Four Weeks of Use of MEG 21’s Bright & Firm Eye Treatment


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Study of Age-Defying Hand Treatment

A nail salon volunteered to test MEG 21 with Supplamine Hand Cream on its customers. Above are before-and-after photos of one woman’s right hand, taken by the owner of the salon. Notice how the wrinkles on the left side of her hand and on her fingers have been reduced in only three weeks.


Week 3

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