MEG 21 with Supplamine

MEG 21 products contain our patented Supplamine, the only skin-care ingredient with clinically proven, toxic sugar-blocking technology to reverse the appearance of aging skin; stop glycation, inflammation, and oxidative stress; boost collagen production; soften wrinkles; even skin tone and reduce or eliminate hyperpigmentation and age spots.

With serious medical science behind its discovery and development, Supplamine has been proven to deliver measurable results in 14 days.

Product_faceSmooth Radiance Face Treatment

This is where it all began. Our brilliant Face Treatment is built around Supplamine, our patented, powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient serendipitously discovered during clinical medical research.

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Product_advancedSmooth Radiance: Advanced Formula

Specifically created for hard-to-treat areas like the neck, chest and upper arms, our Advanced Formula is gentle enough for the face.

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Product_toner Moisturizing Toner

Infused with Supplamine, Sodium Hyaluronate to maintain moisture, Multi Fruit Acids for gentle exfoliation, Trinity Tea Complex to fight free radicals, Arnica to reduce irritation and Calendula to soothe and heal skin, this Amino Acid-rich, antioxidant complex provides accelerated cellular repair.

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Product_cleanserMoisturizing Cleanser

A balanced blend of gentle cleansers and botanicals lifts away dirt, unclogs pores and protects your skin cells, leaving your skin nourished. With Trinity Tea Complex and Soapbark to clean and hydrate skin, our Moisturizing Cleanser also contains Supplamine to inactivate toxic sugars.

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Eye Treatment

Infused with a triple combination of proven botanicals, this Supplamine blend is clinically proven to reverse the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles as it hydrates, renews, brightens and firms the delicate and easily damaged skin beneath and around the eyes.

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product-rednessRedness Relief

Combats skin inflammation, redness and irritation while promoting healing. The natural soothing extracts of aloe, burdock root, comfrey, allantoin, licorice and ginger combine with Supplamine, to soothe sensitive and rosacea-prone skin while treating the harmful effects of glycation that lead to skin aging.

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Product_anti-oxAntioxidant Boost

We blended the reverse glycation advantage of Supplamine with comfrey root, grape seed and gooseberry extracts, evening primrose, Vitamin E and soy protein for a powerful anti-oxidant boost with superb moisture benefits.

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                                        Top of Hand Treatment

Far more than just the best hand-cream you’ll ever use, Our Supplamine-rich formula was developed to treat one of the most vulnerable and visible parts of your skin: the tops of your hands.

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In our cosmetic dermatology practice, MEG 21 products allow the skin to tolerate what could otherwise be irritating treatments.
Dr. Margaret Weiss

Meg 21 is one of the few products that delivers what it claims and has the research to stand behind those claims.
Dr. Georgeanne Dau

Our patients are definitely noticing the reduction of fine lines & wrinkles.
Dr. Kathleen Sawada

Meg 21 products are on the cutting edge of skin therapy. They uniquely and effectively address glycation, one of the most overlooked and critical processes of skin aging.
Dr. M Elizabeth Briden

Great for both men and women – and for all skin types”
Dr. Thomas Beahm

Within a week, fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness disappeared.  It’s clearly superior!  The science behind MEG 21 products… is why I and my clients continue to be committed to MEG 21 with Supplamine.
Marina Shereshevsk


How does MEG 21 differ from other anti-aging skin treatment products?
MEG 21 products are exclusively formulated with our unique and patented Supplamine, the first patented product clinically proven to fight glycation, inflammation, and oxidative stress, three key aging factors that cause accelerated aging, wrinkling and irritation of the skin.

Neither a cosmetic cover nor a simple emollient-rich moisturizer, Supplamine is the result of a medical breakthrough that has implications far greater than that of beauty, although in this case, health is beautiful.

What is Supplamine?
Supplamine is a breakthrough blend of Meglumine, which inhibits inflammation and Arginine, an amino acid that primarily builds collagen and elastin.
Are MEG 21 products safe?
Independent laboratory trials of 250 subjects produced not a single instance of skin hypersensitivity or irritation with MEG 21’s Supplamine products. As a note, this exercise also included a trial of multiple irritation tests with our Eye Treatment.

Obviously, should any sensitivities or irritations occur for any reason, immediately discontinue use.

What is glycation
Glycation occurs when toxic sugars cross-link with the collagen and elastin in the skin to form what are called, Advanced Glycation End Products or AGEs, causing skin to become stiff and dry, with evidence of wrinkling.
How do toxic sugars form?
Digestion converts carbohydrates and sugars into glycated proteins, which result in “toxic sugars” and inflammation. This, in turn, creates Glycation and increased oxidative stress.

Glycation and increased oxidative stress create problems all through the body; but when glycation attacks our skin’s collagen, the results are visible.

The Supplamine in MEG 21 allows you to fight against the glycation process to reduce AGEs, oxidative stress, inflammation and free radicals, returning your skin to its natural beauty.

Can you prove that MEG 21 works?
We can. Dynamis Skin Science, our parent company, retained independent, certified research organizations to perform seven clinical trials on the active ingredients in MEG 21.

These tests demonstrated that Supplamine is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increasing moisture and skin glow, and improving overall skin texture, firmness, and smoothness. They also reported noticeable results in just 28 days or less.

Click here for before and after pictures, and results of our 7 Independent Studies

Where can I purchase MEG 21
MEG 21 is available from physicians and licensed skin-care professionals.

For physicians and licensed skin-care professionals who wish to place an order or obtain further information, please contact info@meg211.wpengine.com or call toll free 877-682-7949.

To locate your nearest MEG 21 seller, click here.

Does MEG 21 work best with a specific skin type?
MEG 21 products with Supplamine should be recommended to all patients with all skin types and all skin colors, who are concerned about the health and vitality of their skin.

While aging skin is more likely to reveal fine lines, dryness and discoloration, research displays telltale signs of glycation on the skin of subjects as young as 23 years of age. Our products can be used with confidence as a preventative treatment, which can lead to healthier skin and therefore, aging more gracefully.

Does MEG 21 address hyperpigmentation?
Yes. Meglumine, an ingredient in Supplamine, has a lightening effect on skin by inhibiting melanin activity. But darker skin tones are not adversely affected. All skin types will see a clarity and smoothness restored to their skin.
Can you attest to the quality of MEG 21 products?
The major ingredients in Supplamine, the essential active in MEG 21 products, have been analyzed by sophisticated analytical chemistry methods for purity and integrity before being incorporated into MEG 21 products. MEG 21 products are allergy tested, scientifically formulated, clinically proven and non-irritating.