How is MEG 21 different from any other anti-aging products?

Supplamine® is the exclusive ingredient in the MEG 21 product line. It is a unique patented combination of an amino sugar (N-Methyl-D-Glucamine) and an amino acid (arginine). N-Methyl-D-Glucamine, also known as meglumine, is an amino sugar. It has been shown to inhibit the negative effects of glycation. Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid and a building block of skin proteins, inactivates glycation by-products.

MEG 21 uses liposomes to encase the Supplamine® to protect and enhance the delivery of the ingredients into the skin. The liposomes contain lecithin, which is extracted from natural soy beans and is similar to the lipsomes found in the skin.

MEG 21 works against the hidden threat to skin: glycation. MEG 21 is the first patented product to fight glycation, inflammation, and oxidative stress in one formulation!

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What is glycation?

Glycation occurs when sugars - not just refined sugar, but any sugar that turns into glucose in your body - are eaten, and the glucose hits the bloodstream. These sugars latch onto proteins and through this “binding” or “cross-linking” mechanism between sugar and protein, lead to stiff and brittle skin. Much of this results from large molecules generated from the glycation process which are called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs).The more sugar you eat, the more AGEs you produce. As AGEs molecules multiply, they adversely affect proteins, including collagen and elastin, which keep skin firm and elastic.

The result is sagging, wrinkled skin.

MEG 21 with Supplamine® allows you to fight against the glycation process to reduce AGEs, oxidative stress, inflammation and free radicals and return your skin to its natural beauty.

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Can you prove that MEG 21 works?

Dynamis Skin Science retained independent, certified research groups to perform seven clinical trials on the active ingredients in MEG 21. These tests demonstrate that Supplamine®, a patented composite of compounds that includes materials proven to inhibit the toxic effects of glycation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases moisture and skin glow and improves overall skin texture, firmness, and smoothness with noticeable results in just 28 days or less! Click here for before and after pictures.

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Where can I purchase MEG 21?

For physicians and licensed skin-care professionals who want to place an order or obtain further information, please contact [email protected] or call toll free 877-682-7949.

MEG 21 is available only from physicians or licensed skin-care professionals. To locate your nearest MEG 21 seller, click here.

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Is MEG 21 competitively priced?

Yes, MEG 21 is competitively priced. It’s a premium, high-end product that is no more expensive and in some cases less expensive than other products in the category. And MEG 21 is clinically proven to get results.

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How do we integrate MEG 21 into the products that we already sell in the practice?

MEG 21 is excellent for first-time users, as well as for people with sensitive skin. MEG 21 integrates very nicely with any skin-care regimen that your clients are currently using. For example, if your client is unsatisfied with, say, the eye cream she is currently using, just add MEG 21 Eye Treatment to her skin-care program. It will fit in perfectly and will not compromise the balance of her skin-care plan.

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What is the recommended application for MEG 21 Products?

Apply MEG 21 products twice a day. Click here for Recommended MEG 21 Personal and Professional Skin Care Regimens.

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Does MEG 21 work best with a specific skin type?

MEG 21 products with Supplamine® should be recommended to all patients concerned about the health and vitality of their skin.

MEG 21 products with Supplamine® can be used as a skincare treatment in patients before they show the typical signs of aging. Research shows that there are telltale signs of glycation in skin as early as 23 years of age. Starting early can lead to aging gracefully.

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Does MEG 21 help stimulate collagen growth?

MEG 21 allows collagen to replenish itself by intercepting the glycation process. This allows skin to heal itself.

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Does MEG 21 help lighten dark skin?

Yes. Meglumine, an ingredient in Supplamine®, has a lightening effect on skin.

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Can patients use MEG 21 after Fraxil Laser or other laser treatments?

Yes. MEG 21 is being used by top dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons across the country. It is a highly effective moisturizer and, anti-aging cream and is also part of doctors’ post-Fraxel Laser treatment protocol. MEG 21 is their trusted skin care line for use after treatment. MEG 21 will smooth and protect sensitive skin that results from laser procedures.

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How does Supplamine® differ from alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid, vitamin C, and Retinol?

MEG 21 is different from most other products because MEG 21 is non-inflammatory. Alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid, vitamin C, and Retinol are all acids that peel away skin and could be toxic over the long term. Supplamine® protects against these harsh treatments and should be used after them. (For Retinol users, we recommend using MEG 21 the morning after the nighttime application of Retinol.)

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How does Supplamine® differ from peptides and human growth factor?

Peptides are large molecules that do not pass through the skin barrier. Therefore, peptides must be delivered through a transdermal delivery system to allow absorption. Human growth factor is a hormone. Supplamine® is an anti-glycation formulation that can work with peptides and human growth factor to enhance their effectiveness.

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Are there Peptides in MEG 21?

No. Peptides do not penetrate skin because they are too big to pass through the skin barrier.

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Why does MEG 21 contain parabens?

We listen to our customers! We are now removing parabens from our products, one product at a time. However, the scientists at MEG 21 continue to believe that the low concentrations used in MEG 21 products do no harm.

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Do MEG 21 products contain sun protection?

MEG 21 products with Supplamine® do not contain sun protection. However we anticipate launching a sunscreen product in late 2014. In the meantime, we recommend that your clients apply sunscreen after applying MEG 21.

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Are MEG 21 products safe?

MEG products with Supplamine® have been tested by an independent laboratory on 250 people using a repeat insult patch test (RIPT). There were no instances of skin hypersensitivity or irritation with our products, including during multiple irritation tests with the Eye Treatment. Of course, some people may be sensitive to some of our ingredients, and if so, they should immediately stop use.

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Is MEG 21 all natural?

No, and for good reason: Most natural products just do not work. MEG 21 is allergy tested, scientifically formulated, clinically proven, non-irritating, and acid free.

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How long do MEG 21 products last?

A little goes a long way! It all depends on usage and where you apply the product. Typically, MEG 21 products last between two and two-and-a-half months.

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Do you sell on the Internet?

Our company policy is not to sell MEG 21 on the Internet. We sell exclusively to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other doctors, med-spas and high-end spas. We strongly recommend purchasing MEG 21 through these professional channels. They offer superb customer service, deep knowledge, trusted advice, and immediate product availability. (a link “Where to Purchase MEG 21”

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What is meglumine (n-methyl-d-glucamine)?

Meglumine is a sugar amine closely related to sorbitol, a naturally occurring six carbon sugar. However, this sugar amine does not lead to AGEs.

It can be chemically described as an organic base, or amine, or a polyhydroxy organic amine, or a deoxyaminosugaramine

Meglumine was discovered while doing diabetes research and was found to inhibit the damaging inflammatory and oxidative properties of excess sugar that results in glycation and oxidative stress.

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What is arginine?

Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid and is a building block of skin proteins, such as collagen and elastin.

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What is a liposome?

A liposome is a microscopic sphere consisting of lipid layers used to convey materials to target cells. Our liposomes encase the meglumine and arginine so that each can be carried into the skin. Our liposomes are extracted from natural soy beans, which contain lecithin that are like those found in skin.

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