How to Use MEG 21 with Supplamine®

Professional Skin Care Regimen How to use

Personal Skin-Care Regimen

For use on all skin types: If skin is wrinkling or is wrinkled, shows fine lines or is dry and dull looking. Apply MEG 21 in the morning and at bedtime or any time in between.

Morning and night, before applying make-up, follow these steps:

Step 1:Wash and clean skin with MEG 21 Moisturizing Cleanser
Then, apply MEG 21 products in the following order:

Step 2:MEG 21 Moisturizing Toner

Step 3:MEG 21 Eye Treatment around eyes to treat crow’s feet

Step 4:(Optional) For red areas, apply MEG 21 Redness Relief

Step 5:MEG 21 Face Treatment or MEG 21 Advanced Formula,
depending on degree of dryness and wrinkling. Advanced Formula
Treatment is for skin requiring more attention

Step 6:MEG 21 Anti-Oxidant Boost, before exposure to sun, smoke-filled
areas, toxic environments, after eating too many carbs and sweets

* Complete the regimen with Sunscreen products