“I’ve sold MEG 21 for five years. It flies off the shelves — literally! The generous samples Dynamis provides are terrific — once sampled, clients invariably make a purchase. I have never had a return. MEG 21 works great on all types of skin, even the acne-prone. Trade secret: I keep MEG 21 on my back bar and finish all my facials with MEG 21. Women love the glow and rave about the results!”

— Nicole Hollander, RN, BSN, Therapeutic Skin Care Specialist at Chapin Aesthetics

“We have been working with MEG 21, the leading global glycation brand, since 2008. The positive response from consumers was immediate, and they keep coming back to reorder. MEG 21 is uniquely developed from medical research; it is extremely well packaged, presented and marketed. The fact that it has been rigorously tested gives consumers great confidence that they will get results. The stylish samples enable our clients to give the consumer the opportunity to try a variety of new products while still enjoying their favorite everyday cream or serum. Customers feel that MEG 21 is in a category above most other brands.”

— Matt Clark, Aesthetic Solutions New Zealand

“As a licensed aesthetician, I have personally used and recommended MEG 21 for over three years. Within a month of  applying MEG 21, my oily skin suddenly appeared brighter, smoother and more hydrated. Amazing! During the summer I alternate with the lighter Anti-Oxidant Boost for the same amazing results. For clients, young and old, results come just as quickly. They love MEG 21!”

— Jenni Nagle, Licensed Aesthetician and Owner, Little Miss Perfect, LLC

“I have been using and selling MEG 21 for five years. My skin’s texture improved in just a few days! Even in a down economy, MEG 21 is the one product clients keep requesting and budgeting for. They love it and see immediate results. MEG 21 is a wonderful moisturizer, which is important given our harsh, Colorado climate. It also cuts down on glycation. Skin looks better because of it. I like MEG 21’s consistency, and the dispenser regulates each application so clients don’t overuse it. I have a difficult time keeping MEG 21 stocked!”

— Jo Ann Seely, CLT, Certified Aesthetician and Owner of Skin Deep