Selling Tips

For MEG 21 with Supplamine

Smooth Radiance Advanced Formula

1. Make the Promise

Younger skin, scientifically—Tightens loose neck skin and smooths problem skin on upper arms, chest and neck. See the results in 14 days.

MEG 21 is one of the few products that delivers what it claims and has the research available to stand behind them.

Dr. Georgeann Dau

2. Visualize the Results

3. Promote the Benefits

  • Powerful treatment to take on toughest skin-aging challenges, yet gentle enough for the face
  • Contains maximum concentration of Supplamine to effectively treat crepe, dry, irregular, spotted and lined and wrinkled skin in nature’s most challenging areas
  • Ideal for more mature skin to visibly tighten and smooth skin on upper arms, chest and neck in 14 days
  • Won’t irritate—allergy tested and perfect for all skin types

4. Provide Proof

  • Reduced Crepinesss 27% 27%
  • Reduced Roughness 38% 38%
  • Increased Moisturization 25% 25%

5. Share the Buzz

Recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and estheticians

7. Review the Regimen

Apply 2 pumps of MEG 21 Advanced Formula twice daily to freshly cleansed and toned throat, neck and chest. Apply with gentle upward strokes, beginning with the area just below the ear lobes, then to the chin, throat and chest. Gentle enough for the face.

When going outside use over MEG 21 Anti- Oxidant Boost. Follow with a sunscreen in the morning.

To dispense, lift off, without twisting cap; gently press down on white discusing two thumbs to pump. When using the airless jar for the first time, you might need to “prime” by slowly pressing down on the white disc several times. This process of “priming” will activate the vacuum pump system.

6. Show the Product

Show the airless jar, with an easy lift-off top. Demonstrate how to pump with two thumbs on the lid.