Key Ingredient in MEG 21 Products Impaired Cancer Cell Growth in Mice, According to Unexpected Third-Party Research Finding

Research Finding:

The development of skin cancer (Squamous cell skin carcinoma) in mice bred to get skin cancer was impaired when Meglumine, a base ingredient in MEG 21’s Supplamine®, was administered to the mice orally.


Research Protocol:

Two sets of mice were induced to become highly susceptible to developing skin tumors by gene alteration following a single treatment with a low dose of the carcinogen DMBA. One set of mice was given Meglumine, the key ingredient in MEG 21’s Supplamine, at doses comparable to those in Supplamine but delivered orally in their drinking water. This set was compared to the second set of mice—the “control group”– who did not receive Meglumine and were given plain water.  Mice were monitored for tumor development.

The accompanying graphs illustrate the results of the research in three critical dimensions: percent of mice with tumors; average number of tumors and; average tumor volume.

When mice bred to get Squamous cell skin carcinoma (skin cancer) were orally administered MEG 21’s Supplamine, tumors appear later in time; there are fewer numbers of tumors at any given age; there is a lesser overall adverse impact when compared to mice similarly cancer-bred but not receiving MEG 21’s Supplamine.

Dr. Susan Gilmore, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, Patent Pending (PCT/US2017/043904)

Note: This medical research study was conducted independently, with no involvement, funding or support from Dynamis Skin Science.

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